Saturday, August 14, 2010

Nuvo Riche - Forays into culinary weirdness partie cinq (5)

Continuing on the hunt for the weird, I found a new liqueur called Nuvo which comes in a pretty pink bottle shaped like a lipstick tube. Ooops, pardonnez-mois - it's supposed to look like a bottle of perfume, not lipstick.  My bad.  It's from France, the same people that collaborated with the Dutch to bring you ChocoVine.  It's basically a passion-fruit/peach/raspberry infused vodka with a spritz of sparkling wine to make it the first carbonated liqueur I really hope the French don't lynch me because I called their sparkling wine "carbonated". 

I picked up a bottle - $19.99 for 200 ml.  ouch.  For the uninformed, that's exactly 3/4 of a cup plus 1 TBS  and 1 tsp.  But hey, it's a liqueur, you don't drink a lot of you? 

Now...I am wondering why they called it "Nuvo".  Are the French aware that there is a female contraceptive in this country called "Nuva(ring)"?  Quelqu'un n'a pas fait leur travail! because you see, if you HAD done your homework, you would have realized this, and perhaps called it something else.  I know that you think Americans are too stupid to realize the play on words - "Nouveau" (French for 'new') phonetically spelled = "Nuvo",  but better to have someone mispronounce "nouveau" than mistakenly thinking you are selling birth control whilst in an alcoholic haze at some bar :-P

Drunk girl to bartender in stage whisper: "Heyyyy...gimme one of them NUVO drinkie-poos.  Thish cute guy nex' t'me wantsh to *giggle* YOU KNOWWHAT, and I forgot my diaphragm"

There is also a Magazine by the name of NUVO - sort of along the lines of Vogue or Elle...what does that do with copyright infringement I wonder? Ah well, It's a Canadian magazine, so I guess it doesn't matter - we'll let them worry about it, eh?

Nuvo is 15% alcohol by volume - at the low end of what liqueurs usually have.  It comes in a pretty pink bottle that any normal guy would eschew.  Of course, go to their website, and they have male celebrities galore who aren't afraid to embrace their "feminine" side posing with NUVO bottles.  They also have Jamie Foxx's "Blame it on the A-a-aaa- al-KA-hol" song blaring in the background because he gives a shout out to "NUVO"  Have you heard the lyrics to that song?  Maybe it's "trendy", and I suppose you could say Jamie's song is really a public service message about the dangers of overimbibing, but honestly...that's a stretch - he just wants to get in the chick's pants, and decides to feed her copious shots to make her more receptive to the idea.  Especially because he decided to pitch a tent in his pants - hey...HE said it, I didn't :-P  But he also gives a shout out to Patron, Grey Goose, Hennessy, and blue curacao.  Oh, and he mentions the "n" word, but I guess it's ok if he says it, cos' he's a big star.  I'm gonna stop now before I go off on another tangent.  One thing about Jamie, he doesn't discriminate.

The good thing about Nuvo is their press is pretty short, sweet, and to the point, even though it's camouflaged in a boatload of video clips.  The only stipulation they make is that you can't drink it if you're not trendy.  Because Nuvo is "for the trendy individual".  Do they send Cool-o-meters to every liquor store just to make sure that no dorks buy their product?

I paid my $20, and put the bottle in the fridge to chill.  Meg and I popped it open one night and did a taste test.  It looks pretty.  It's bright pink, bubbly, and...pretty.

It's such a girly drink.  Charlotte from SATC would love it.  In fact, ALL the SATC girls would love it.  They'd make their cosmos with it when they wanted to feel giddy.  I cannot imagine ANY guy drinking this.  Sorry.  And if you do drink it...Sorry. (I did read a blog entry this one guy wrote - he drank THREE bottles in one night and lived to tell the tale.  He was writing a review on it - although after three bottles of anything alcoholic, most people would be in love with it).

It's sweet - obviously because it's a liqueur.  It's bubbly, and it's actually pretty good.  However, there is a danger of downing this stuff like soda pop because it sort of tastes like a fruity soda, and the alcohol is not very distinct.  The potential for getting-snockered-before-you-know-it is high. Which is probably why that guy downed three bottles before he realized he couldn't walk. Two weeks later it's still in my fridge, we never revisited it.  I think mixed with white wine to make a spritzer would be nice - or cut it with some champagne or prosecco.  I may even try it in a cosmo instead of the cointreau.  Their version of a cosmo calls for grand marnier and lime juice shaken with ice, strained, then topped off with Nuvo.  I am going to try it with cranberry juice, vodka, splash of OJ shaken then topped off with Nuvo.  I'll let you know how it tastes - if it's good, then I'll call it  a Nouveau Chrismo because *I* know how to spell "nouveau"  :-p

*update* tried the "Nouveau Chrismo" and it's yummy.  The addition of more vodka and the cranberry juice with a splash of OJ somehow bring the passion fruit in the NUVO to the forefront so it's not that sweet.  It looks like my regular take on a Cosmo - but here's a pic anyway.

Would I switch out NUVO for my Limoncello? No.  Why? because I can buy a larger bottle of decent Limoncello (or make it myself) cheaper than I can buy less than a cup of carbonated liqueur in a novelty bottle that is supposed to look like a perfume bottle, but looks like a tube of lipstick.  Qu'elle dommage.

In between writing this blog and posting it, I also popped open a bottle of Prosecco, so I decided to mix Nuvo and Prosecco in equal parts and came up with this:

It was good, but I prefer my Prosecco unadulterated.  I enjoy the flavor, it doesn't need anything else.

I haven't found a recipe for it on the 'net yet, so since it's Italian Sparkling wine and French Sparkling liqueuer let's just call it "C'est Amore" or we can get all trendy like the gossip mags and combine the two names - you know like "Brangelina" for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie?  We could call it "Chasecco", or oh oh oh...I like this one even better - and the irony does not escape me "Propagne" Pronounced "Propane" like what we use in a gas grill- because drink too many of them, and you too, will be gassed as the old saying goes - Then again, if I was the manufacturer of Nuvo , I would probably just spell it "propane" because I wouldn't know it was something that you buy for your grill, and I wouldn't want all the Americans pronouncing it "Pro PAG nee" (like my hubby would) :-P

Conclusion: It's cute, it's pink, it's bubbly, it's good.  Is it worth paying $20 for 200 ml? Maybe once.  Unless you're young, hip, trendy, and single - then you may want to keep a bottle of this around for girls night in.

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